Experience Kuwait City By Residing At The Regency Hotel

You may have never considered that Kuwait City could be your dream vacation spot, but consider it now. The Regency is the best hotel in Kuwait City, and it will exceed all your expectations. This hotel will be perfect for you, no matter what you’re looking for. If you want a relaxing family vacation, an exciting business trip or a luxury wedding or honeymoon, The Regency’s excellent staff will make sure everything goes perfectly for you. With conference rooms, ballrooms, and plenty of resort facilities, this is truly a hotel that has it all.

With so many amenities right at The Regency, you’ll never even have to leave the grounds if you don’t want to. The hotel has several restaurants featuring fine dining from all over the world, as well as spas, a gym, and plenty of recreational activities to keep people of all ages busy and happy all day long. You can trust that your room will be clean and comfortable, with an incredible view of gardens or The Arabian Gulf.

If you are looking for a tropical vacation, it is safe to assume that you love the water. The Regency is a paradise for anyone who enjoys days of sun and swimming. If you prefer the beach, you can choose from two private beaches where you can relax on a lounge chair with a book in between dips. If you’re a pool person, you’ll have to figure out what kind of pool person you are, because you’ll have five pools to choose from depending on your mood. Want to swim up to a bar for a cocktail? In the hotel’s infinity pool with bar access and underwater seating, you can.

Seeing is believing, so visit http://www.theregencykuwait.com to view the incredible photo gallery, featuring images of the grounds, pools, and conference centers. You’ll see why The Regency is one of the best hotels in the world. Contact them for booking information.

Your Full Satisfaction Is The Regency Kuwait’s Only Target

The World Travel Tours gave The Regency Kuwait two awards that indicated that they are the best hotel in Kuwait City. This is their proof of hard work and sheer determination in keeping their guests happy. A testament to the way they sustained the quality of service that they have been known for.

The Regency Kuwait has provided their potential guests with something to always look forward to. One of such is their ladies’ lounge which they have trademarked throughout the city. It is a sanctuary for females to go on with their girly activities without the any male guests disturbing them. It can be considered a world of their own. They are able to enjoy the pool and the benches. The view of the beach is theirs to behold. Everything is just how most girls would want it. It can be considered as paradise by others. But The Regency Kuwait is not limited to just their signature lounge. They also have in their vicinity a lap pool. Moreover, they also have an infinity pool installed with a bar where you can have your beverages served. The underwater seating makes conversing more convenient. In spite of the modern accommodations that their guests experience, there is still one restriction that their culture dictates. According to the ethics created by Sharia, both genders should observe proper clothing in public. This implies that guests should keep private which needs to be kept that way.

The Regency is the only hotel in Kuwait City which can turn any meal into an experience. They have a wide variety of venues which their guests can choose from. There is always one to fit the mood of their clients. If you choose to have a cooling sight in front of you, then you should dine at their lobby. It is the best place in the entire building to have a great view of the Arabian Gulf. And if that does not suit your taste, you may also stay at the Silk Road. It is second to room dining regarding the number of hours that it is open. From a top its terrace, it provides you the best view the Regency’s lush gardens and the swimming pools. They also offer buffets that will be to your delight. It is never short of the best cuisines from the locality and other neighboring countries.

You should also look forward to two more openings in the coming months. These are the openings of the Regency Gourmet and the Balsamico restaurant which offers the best recipes from all over the world. Pastries are the specialty of the Gourmet while Balsamico focuses on the myriad of Italian drinks.

With the myriad of food that is being served in the Regency, keeping in shape may be a problem. But, there is no need to worry. The hotel in Kuwait City which garnered two awards just opened its fitness center. It is a place where the health conscious can enjoy hours of workout using their modernized equipment.

Erase any uncertainties that you may have. It is the clear choice from the start. The Regency was and will always be the best choice for your hotel accommodations once you are in the City of Kuwait.

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